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  • Tire to Powder producing plant

    Tire to Powder producing plant

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    The Waste Tire Recycling Line is adopting physical recycling method and is suitable to develop and produce a Waste Tire to Rubber Granules Plant, mainly is suitable for the grinding, wire tire, steel wire tire (radial tire), and all sorts of waste rubber products or leftover material, making it the powder, and achieve the required fineness (mesh). This Waste Tire Recycling Line running in normal temperature, no need to add any other chemicals, no pollution to the environment. This is the best way to recycling scrap tires. You can implement integration solution for the customer.

    Suitable Raw Materials

    It is mainly applied to various types of waste tires, waste tire tube, waste rubber belt, waste rubber hose, and waste rubber overshoes.

    Final Products

    Rubber powder,Fiber and Steel Wire.

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    Main Equipment

    The whole plant including Hydraulic Tire Steel Extractor, Tyre Cutter, Waste tire/rubber Shredder, Steel Wire Separator, Rubber Granulator, Magnetic Separator, Fiber Separator. The overall design  is reasonable, high degree of automation, easy to use and maintain.

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