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  • Tire Sidewall cutter

    Tire Sidewall cutter

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    Tire sidewall cutter

    Tire sidewall cutter is used to separate the tire side from the whole tire. Now the steel wire from tire sides of vacuum tires is thick and hard to curve, so before feeding the waste tires into reactor, it is better to cut the tire sides down. Besides, this part of tire has good value, tire sidewall cutter helps collecting these thick steel wires.

    Tire cutting machine Product Details:

    Application of equipment

    The machine is a waste tire will be steel, tire and tire tread for the separation of the special equipment, is to deal with discarded tires, the first procedure.


    The Machine can be used to cut the sidewall side of the steel tire, so that the next step of the division, is the first process to deal with discarded tires. Place the tire on the platform of the disc, rotate the middle hand wheel, the four-legged card holder will firmly stuck the inner ring of the tire, start the power, rotate the working platform, cut the knife according to the required feed, slowly into the tire, step by step Until the side of the tire is cut.

    (C) Features:

    1, reasonable design, stable performance, high quality, affordable, easy to operate, long life, low noise, pollution-free, is the ideal environmental renewable resource equipment.

    2, the tool adopts cemented carbide, hard and durable, can be used repeatedly grinding.

    3, thoughtful and meticulous service, patient and passionate.

     Main Specification

    Model Tire cutting speed(pcs/h) Motor Power(KW) Motor Rotated Speed(r/min) Suitable tire size Weight(kg) Overall Dimension (L*W*H)(mm)
    C-1200 40 3 1440 Diameter less than Φ1200 300 1300*900*1200

    0 (6) 0 (2)

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