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  • အပူပိုင်း-type အမျိုးအစား Cable ကို granules စက်ရုံ

    အပူပိုင်း-type အမျိုးအစား Cable ကို granules စက်ရုံ



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    Dry-type Cable Granulator Line

    Throughout the world, there are varies kinds of waste cables, our aim is to overcome the loss of copper and other metals during processing for regeneration, to make it more scientific, automation. It reduces labors, increase the recovery rate, and therefore improve production efficiency. The whole production line is designed to be scientific, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective.

    In the past 20 years, with continuous innovation and optimization, we have been always maintain the industry-leading level, and position as benchmark within the industry in China.

    Cable Granulator  line can recycle the waste cables by crushing, gravity separation, vibration separation, magnetic separation processes to separate the plastic and copper, iron, etc… the recovery rate is up to 99%.

    1.Intelligent control with reasonable layout, automatic shutdown protection during overload operation.
    2.Can be equipped with shredder as first crusher, auxiliary mechanized feeding, which reduce labor cost.
    3. With high-precision sorting system and frequency control,  the separator rate for communication wire can reach up to 97%, mixed wire reach up to 95%.

    မြင့်မားသောနှိမ်နင်းထိရောက်မှုနှင့်အတူ High-အစွမ်းသတ္တိကိုပြောင်းဓါးရိုးတံကိုအသုံးပြုပြီး 4. ကြိတ်ခွဲစနစ်, ဓါးပစ္စည်းအလွိုင်းသံမဏိဖြစ်ပါတယ်။

    5. နယ်အပူချိန်များလွန်းမြင့်မားလာပြီအခါကြေးနီကိုကပ်ကနေပလပ်စတစ်ကာကွယ်တားဆီးဖို့, အအေးစနစ်ဖြင့်တပ်ဆင်ထားသည်။
    6. he equipment is operating closed with additional dust removal system, with effective control of dust, environmental friendly.


    CG Cable ကို granules စီးရီးများ (3)

    CG Cable ကို granules စီးရီးများ (4)

    CG Cable ကို granules စီးရီးများ (2)


    ပုံစံ Power က (KW) စွမ်းဆောင်ရည် (ကီလိုဂရမ် / H ကို) ခွဲခြာနှုန်း Dimension (MM)
    CG-500 71,99 300-500 95% -99% 7670×7000×3200
    CG-800 92,62 600-800 95% -99% 8000x5200x3300
    CG-1000 120 1000 > 97% 4800 × 7500 3400 ×
    CG-1200 165 1000-1200 > 99% 12600 × 6350 4000 ×
    CG-1500 175 1200-1500 > 95% 21700 × 4500 5000 ×

    Also the big type can according to the customer’s requirements to design it. (Like 6T/H, 8T/H, 10T/H)


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