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  • Electrostatic separator

    Electrostatic separator

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    Electrostatic separator

    Working principle

    Electrostatic separator is suitable for powder separation.

    Electrostatic separation,use the differences of electrical of different material under the influence of high voltage electric field to achieve the purpose of separating.When the material particles enter into corona areas with the rotation roller, material under the electricity,centrifugal force and gravity function,add the different electrical properties of different material,different stress state make material of the falling trajectory is different,then separate out metal and nonmetallic mixtures.    

    Application Scope:

    Remove non-ferrous metal from plastic

    1. Aluminum- plastic separation:

    waste printed circuit boards, scrap cables, and other broken pieces of separation of metal and non-metallic mixture.

    aluminum-plastic panel,aluminum-plastic pipes,medicine sheet,aluminum-plastic package material,aluminum wire,aluminum-plastic shavings mixed waste etc all kinds of aluminum-plastic mixtures,

    separation purity can reach more than 95%

    Copper-plastic separation

    copper wire,scrap wire crushed material ;

    separation purity can reach more than 99.7%

    All kinds of metal from the waste circuit board.

    metal recovery rate can reach more than 99.5%.

    Remove nonmetallic mineral from plastic/Sand particle/stone/Ceramics/glass, asbestos/ kieselguhr/limestone/ kaolin/ clay mineral etc

    Other Sorting: Metal ore sorting,fly ash decarbonization sorting,slag ash metal extraction, plastic and sand sorting,tea leaf and tea rod sorting,flaxseed kernel and shell separation, hair and other material separation.

    Type Roller Length (mm)  High Pressure (KV)  Rotate Sped (rm/min)  Power (kw)  Capacity (kg)  Dimension (m) 
    ES-1000  1000  0~60  0~500  100-150  1.38X1.75X3.5 
    ES-1500  1500  0~80  0~500  4.5  150-200  1.38X2.3X3.5 
    ES-1800  1800  0~80  0~500  4.5  200-300  1.38X2.65X3.5 
    ES-1000-2  1000*2  0~90  0~500  5.2  250-350  1.38X1.75X3.9 
    ES-1500-2  1500*2  0~90  0~500  5.2  350-450  1.38X2.3X3.9 
    ES-1800-2  1800*2  0~100  0~500  400-500  1.38X2.65X3.9 

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